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Wanking in Hospital

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Busted by a nurse pumping my cock


I’d just had minor surgery to remove steel plates from a past leg injury. I was lying in bed, in a private room with my leg elevated and just a loose surgical gown on and in walks a rather scrumptious nurse to take my blood pressure etc. I was thinking I should close my legs a bit because I probably had at least part of my manhood on display but in that instant I also got a bit of a stirring with the thought that I was partially exposed and moved my leg slightly to give a better view, should she happen to look.

She finished what she was doing and said she’d be back in an hour to check my vitals again, just as she was walking past the end of the bed she swung around and asked if I’d filled out a menu. At which point I’m sure she glanced at my crotch just long enough for it to be obvious. I wasn’t sure how much she could see but the thought that she saw my shaven cock and balls was enough to get the blood flowing to that region.

I hadn’t filled the menu out so she said she’d be straight back with one. That gave me time to slip my hand down and give my semi erect cock a few quick pumps and for me to be sure she could see it by arranging my gown in such a way. Eventually she came back and said I would need to fill the menu in while she waited as the kitchen required it now if I was to get my evening meal.

By now I was struggling to keep my cock from becoming fully engorged as it was just such a rush knowing she could see me almost erect. I gave her many opportunities to look as I filled in the menu and by now my cock was starting to twitch uncontrollably. I handed back the menu and she gave me a warm smile and said she’d be back later to check my vitals.

I spent my time edging and convinced myself if she walked in when I was pumping my now extremely hard cock, that I’d go all the way and blow my cum in front of her. As it turned out, when she returned I lost my nerve and quickly covered my cock as she came through the door. I think she guessed that I’d been up to something by the flurry of activity as she walked in.

Anyway she was due back in another hour so this time with 10 minutes to go, I stared wanking my cock, only this time I did 10 pumps of my cock and stopped and counted to 10 and repeated and this time if she walked in while I was pumping, I’d go all the way as I reckoned she knew I had been wanking last time she came in the room.

I was watching the door intently and was half way through 10 pumps and the door opened, with my heart in my mouth I carried on, only it was an older nurse, so I quickly covered my glistening cock feeling highly embarrassed. Busted!. She broke the awkwardness by saying “ well, not much point in taking your blood pressure right now, sorry “. And she walked around with her back to the door, flicked my gown back and took my not quite so hard cock and slowly wanked me to a very powerful orgasm.Wow!. Cleaned me up, patted my arm and said I’ll come back in half a hour when things are back to normal.



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