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Unexplored Worlds

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Unexplored Worlds

Two young women use experimentel teleport devise which starts them off on a wild sexual ride across space 


Unexplored worlds 

Malena was in her room, talking with her best friend Renee. The last two weeks, they had been discussing their next adventure. This would not be just one more escapade to the nearest town or a fling with one of the low level scientists. Their new plan was risky, maybe even dangerous. But they couldn't resist the idea of investigating the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, as Malena's father liked to call it.

“So, are we really doing this?” Renee asked.

“After all we've been through to get a copy of my father's key card? Of course we are doing it. It will be easy,” Malena responded with overflowing confidence.

“But what if they catch us? That thing is supposed to be top-secret. They'll put us in jail,” Renee said worriedly.

“My father pretty much owns this place. We'll just get a slap on the wrist if they catch us.” Malena said.

The top secret complex was located in a remote, inaccessible region. There was nothing but woods and steep mountains around it.

The apartments for the chief scientists and their families were in the building nearest to the underground cave where the portal had been discovered, so the girls arrived quickly. Malena and Renee had never seen the device before and were truly amazed. A few days ago, Malena heard her father talking about the portal and how they made it work by pure chance. Different coordinates could take you to different places and they had explored dozens of distant worlds so far.

The portal design was simple; a metallic ring with a diameter of two and a half meters, standing vertically on a platform. But what really caught the eye was the shapeless substance that twirled within the ring. It was a bluish combination of gas and fluid that defied gravity and resembled a galaxy seen from afar. It was beautiful.

“Wow! Look at that!” Malena said in amazement. 

“It is awesome! What do we do next?” Renee asked. Her heart was beating fast from the excitement.

“I don't know. Look around and see if you find something that explains how this thing works.”

The scientists had set up a couple of terminals near the alien structure, but the cave that harbored the object was otherwise exactly as they originally found it. 

One of the terminals showed weird symbols with a series of numbers assigned to each. Renee realized that different destinations corresponded to different combinations of these symbols. 

“Look! I think this is how the portal works.” Renee exclaimed, “We just need to enter a destination using these symbols and walk through the ring.

Some of the places were followed by the sentence “safe for humans”. This was good enough for the adventurous girls to continue with their plan.

Once they had chosen a random destination, they walked closer to the ring and Malena hesitantly put her hand through the twirling substance. She felt tickles on her skin and the surrounding air was a bit cold, but nothing too extreme. 

“It feels a little cold, like when you stick your hand in the freezer,” Malena said.

Renee had been reluctant at first, but now that she was here standing in front of the portal, she couldn't wait to see what was on the other side.

“Ok, lets do this together. We jump on the count of three. One, two…”

They were expecting a strange journey through a wormhole that would last for a few seconds, or maybe even minutes, but it was nothing like that. 

They jumped through and an instant later they were standing on a flat surface like the one in the cave. Both girls closed their eyes as if they were jumping into a swimming pool and at first, they thought that nothing had happened.

“Shit! It is cold!” Renee said, as her body passed through the bluish halo.

But in fact, they were in a very different place. Unlike the cave, this room's square walls and floor were made entirely of metal.

When the girls opened their eyes, they exclaimed at the same time. Much to their surprise, they were not in the cave anymore, and even worse, there was a strange humanoid four meters away looking back at them. They didn't see the other one standing closer to Malena.

“It worked! We are not in the cave,” Malena said, looking at the ceiling and walls.

“Holy crap! What is that thing?” Renee was the first one to see the humanoid.

These creatures were just as amazed to see the girls arriving in their lair. They recognized them as humans, members of the same species that had visited for the first time a few weeks ago.

The interaction back then had been brief and not very successful. The humans that came before were heavily armed and they aimed their weapons at the humanoids the whole time they “spoke”. It had not been a pleasant situation. 


But now the humans were back and this time they weren't carrying guns. And best of all, they were both females. The local humanoids assumed that the humans were here for further, less aggressive interaction. And if that was not the case, they didn't care. These females' body shapes were perfect for mating.

The one closest to the portal moved over to block any escape attempt. It was then that Malena noticed his presence.

“Oh God! There is another one. It's blocking the way back.” Malena screamed, quickly realizing that they were in danger.

“What are they? They look like robots… kind of. We need to go now!” Renee screamed as well.

The creatures looked like robots, but in fact they were not. Inside the metallic exoskeleton was organic tissue, very alive and eager for reproduction.

Having these monsters looming upon them was terrifying enough, but when Malena noticed the creature's horse-size cock dangling from its crotch, her heart skipped a beat.

“I don't think they are robots. Look at their cocks!!” Malena said, turning around to face the other humanoid.

The humanoids had interacted with many self-aware species before and had learned that most intelligent brains worked similarly. They knew how to manipulate minds to induce immediate arousal. They extended their arms and released energy waves into Malena and Renee's skull. The girls looked up at the reaching claws, unable to do anything to defend themselves.

“What…?” Renee said before her mind received the first shock.

These rays were not meant to subdue their minds but to affect the electrical patterns of the brain to induce arousal. This stimulus was so overwhelming that it took precedence over any other reaction or idea in the subject's mind.

In a matter of seconds, Malena's main goal changed from running to undressing. She needed to be naked in order to do what she craved the most at this moment. She want to fuck right here and right now. There was a huge cock available in front of her and it was obvious what she should do. Renee also lifted her skirt instinctively, but her goal was different. She loved sucking cocks and her immediate next step was to get down on her knees.

Even before Malena pulled her skirt down, her pussy was soaking wet. She was perfectly aware of what she was doing and deep in the back of her mind she knew it was wrong, but she couldn't stop herself. She was just too horny. Meanwhile, Renee grabbed her new partner's cock with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other.

The humanoid could move his cock in every direction and he waved it in front of Renee's face, confident that the female's actions were driven by her pussy and not by her brain.

“Why am I doing this?” Renee thought, “I… I feel so horny! And this enormous cock is all mine.”

As expected, Renee extended her tongue, eager to taste that huge cock, regardless of the fact that it belonged to an alien creature. A moment later, the young woman's lips stretched to the limit, engulfing the humanoid's phallus. It was just the tip, but the long appendage was already reaching the back of her throat.

The creature was doubtful that this small female could swallow his thick cock, but he insisted.

Renee suspected that something was being done to her mind, but she was too focused on her current task to worry about it. She needed that cock down her throat.

She grabbed the large phallus with one hand, pulled it closer and achieved her immediate goal. The appendage passed beyond the back of her gullet and deeper into her esophagus.

While Renee struggled to swallow more of the fat cock, Malena stepped closer to her alien mate. She was now completely naked except for her boots, and her pussy was melting with unbridled arousal.

The creature was speaking to her but she couldn't understand a word he said. She conveniently assumed that he was telling her how hard he was going to fuck her.

It was a strange situation. She was standing naked in front of an alien humanoid and all she could think about was having sex with him. She stared at the creature with wide open eyes expressing lust and a hint of fear.

But a little fear was not going to stop her. Still standing, Malena lifted her right leg allowing easier access to her pussy.

“Please fuck me,” she begged.

A stream of lubricating fluid dripped from the female's soaked pussy onto the dangling phallus below. The penetration was imminent and Malena couldn't wait one more second for it. The alien's cock recoiled like a serpent ready to strike and…

...it stabbed forward into Malena's tight cavity! 

The young woman screamed in utter bliss as the fat cock pierced into her body. A sudden sensation of satisfaction filled her mind and soul, but it was still not enough.

The creature's energy kept pouring into her brain, increasing the girl's arousal, and his cock kept feeding her need to extinguish the unending fire in her loins. It was so overwhelming that Malena could barely think straight.

All she wanted was more of that cock pushing deeper into her body.

When Malena wrapped her other leg around his waist, the humanoid removed his hand from the female's head to support her weight. The arousing energy was not necessary any more; she was hooked. The copulating would not stop until he was done.

Malena couldn't believe how deeply she was being penetrated. She could feel his phallus pushing all the way to her belly, stretching her tight cavity further than ever before. This was so surreal.

The previously silent room was now alive with squelching sounds, grunts and loud moans that echoed against the metallic walls. The alien laboratory, mostly used for experiments with specimens brought from faraway worlds, was now an improvised chamber of lust.

Incredibly, Renee had managed to swallow most of the humanoid's cock, and by doing so, she was on the verge of climax. Her eyes rolled back, both from sheer excitement and the lack of air, until they looked mostly white. 

But she was not pulling back until the last possible second.

Still with the enormous cock lodged within her throat, Renee reached her first inevitable orgasm. Her body shuddered in a series of forceful spasms as her pussy gushed abundantly onto the ground between her knees. Her climax was so strong that she lost control of her bladder.

Renee had always wondered about an experience like this, but certainly not with an alien and not with a cock of this size. The naughtiness of this whole situation was way beyond her wildest dreams.

Her orgasm was still going when Renee pulled back and removed the huge phallus from her mouth just before passing out. She didn't want to miss the chance of enjoying that cock in her pussy.

The humanoid was amazed by the female's determination. It might not be a bad idea to keep her as a permanent mate. 

A couple of meters away, Malena was reaching an orgasm too – the fastest and strongest of her life. Her heightened arousal and the huge size of the alien's phallus had made her reach her peak in less than a minute of copulation. It was incredible!

Malena found out soon enough that this climax was not only the hardest she ever had, but also the longest. Losing complete control of her body, she fell backwards until she was hanging almost upside down with the humanoid's cock still lodged in her pussy, keeping her from falling.

Throughout Malena's wild shuddering, the alien never stop pumping her body with a steady, blissful rhythm. 

Having recovered from her first climax, Renee stood up, turned around and bent forward, presenting her ass to the alien. This was like some sort of crazy dream to her, or at least she preferred to think about it that way, even though she knew that all this was really happening.

“Shove your big cock inside of me,” Renee pleaded. She was still horny as hell and she was going to make the most of this surreal orgy.

The humanoid was happy to have Renee's full cooperation. The arousing energy that he discharged into her brain was always effective, but this female's willingness to fuck was beyond normal.

The alien stepped forward and shoved the tip of his phallus into the girl's vaginal cavity. It was warm and tight. After teasing her for a moment, the humanoid grabbed her hips and shoved most of his cock into her slim body. 

Renee felt the fat cock stretching her pussy and yelped with pleasure. She felt the long appendage penetrating incredibly deep, and she was afraid that the monster was going to break her in half. But then he stopped, waited a couple of seconds, and pulled back a few centimeters. Then he pushed in again, even deeper, before pulling back one more time. This action was repeated over and over, driving her insane.

The same as with Malena, before the first minute was over, Renee was trembling in ecstasy. She was climaxing! The shivering woman managed to ride out her orgasm standing up, with some help from the humanoid, who grabbed her hips from behind. 

In the meantime, Malena had the back of her head resting on the floor while the rest of her body was upside down, receiving her mate's long phallus from above. It was an awkward position, but she enjoyed it greatly nonetheless.

After her climax receded, Malena looked up at the creature that pounded her pussy so delightfully and wondered how this was possible. She was willingly having sex with an alien! Not even half an hour ago she was safely in her bedroom and now she was being fucked out of her mind by this monster. The logical part of her mind was telling her that she should stop and run away, but her inner wild side was absolutely overbearing and it was forcing her to act on her sexual instincts, no matter what.

I can't believe this is real. I am fucking a monster! Malena thought.

Renee felt the same way. Her latest orgasm was still lingering in her loins and even now her arousal was not diminishing. 

This was by far the best sexual experience of her life, and it was happening with an alien! She could feel the creature's pelvis smashing against her buttocks, meaning that his entire cock was buried inside of her. It was unbelievable.

The minutes passed and the odd couples assumed more comfortable positions. Malena was now flat on the ground with her mate on top, fucking her in the missionary position. Renee was down on her hands and knees with the alien still fucking her from behind. They could hear each other's moans, and this provided some sort of complicit reassurance. 

The creature on top of Malena not only pumped his hips back and forth, but he also skillfully thrashed his phallus around like a snake within the young woman's body.

“This feels so good!” Malena screamed. She felt as if the entire world was penetrating her body and it was the best sensation ever.

One meter away, the alien was amazed by Renee's endurance and malleability. Her pussy was so tight yet it could fit so much. He never thought it possible that a female with such a slim frame would be able to take his entire phallus, but she did and apparently she still wanted more. He concluded that human females would be at the top of his sex partner list from now on.

Finally, after making Malena cum three times, the humanoid reached his peak and ejaculated inside of her. There was so much cum that the girl's belly bulged in a matter of seconds and then the sticky fluid sprayed through the tight crevices between his cock and her stretched pussy.

When he was done, he removed his cock and knelt beside her. 

Malena lifted her torso and watched with fascination as gobs of sperm leaked from her pussy and formed a puddle between her thighs. “Oh my God! It is so much cum!”

Even though he made almost no sound, Renee became aware immediately that her mate was also ejaculating within her womb. The warmth of his semen spread quickly through her insides, searching for a way out. For a brief moment, she considered the chances of getting pregnant with an alien baby, and for reasons she couldn't understand, this excited her even more.

Malena stood up and followed the humanoid towards a crate in the middle of the room. She paid no attention at the sperm gushing from Renee's pussy because she was focused on the possibility of getting fucked again. Even after just reaching an orgasm, she was still horny.

He signaled at the shiny box and said a few words in his own language. Malena had no idea what he meant. Was she supposed to open it? All she wanted was more cock.

Realizing that Malena was not getting the message, the humanoid decided to act first. He climbed on the crate and laid back. His cock was aiming upwards, inviting her to jump on top. 

Malena's heart jolted and her pussy twitched when she understood that he wanted to fuck her again, just not on the ground. “Yes!! He is ready for more!” she said out loud.

Malena stood for a moment staring at the crate and her mate, mesmerized by the waving phallus that moved around like an elephant trunk.

Malena's pause was mistaken for hesitation and one of the humanoids zapped her again with his influential rays. The woman's brain was already very sensitive to any kind of sexual stimuli and with this boost she was immediately transported to another realm of arousal. Her pussy twitched forcefully and repeatedly, causing more of the sperm that still remained in her cavity to leak down her inner thighs.

Ten seconds later Malena was already on top of the crate, straddling the humanoid and squatting onto the cock that waited below. This time she was in control of the penetration and she had decided to shove the entire appendage into her body, even though it seemed impossible. Her body was demanding it and her mind agreed.

“I need all of it inside!”

But when she reached the right level, the humanoid bent his cock and pressed the tip to her anus. Malena gasped with surprise and stopped cold. She had never tried anal sex before and knew it could be painful. 

It is poking at my ass!

But when the tip of the appendage gently penetrated a couple of centimeters, it felt very good. If there was a time to try a cock in her ass, this was it. She was burning with need.

The huge phallus stretched Malena's tight anal cavity as it entered deeper. There was pain, but she never registered it because the pleasure she felt was truly overwhelming. She kept lowering her body little by little while the sensation became more intense by the second.

Malena's determination was remarkable, and she continued impaling herself until she felt her ass-cheeks resting on the humanoid's lap. She had done it! The entire creature's cock was embedded within her slim body! She felt as if she was part of him. Attached to him forever. This was enough to trigger one more climax.

Malena tightened her ass and shuddered over her partner while a new orgasm wrecked her body and mind.

Renee, who had recovered from her ravishing, stood in front of the couple and watched with lust in her eyes, rubbing her clitoris. She wanted more too.

Realizing that Malena was shivering with orgasmic spasms, Renee rubbed herself faster. Picturing the fat, long phallus churning and twisting within Malena's loins, penetrating deeper than physically possible, Renee's pussy twitched hard. She wished it was her in Malena's place.

God! She has the entire cock inside of her ass!

The other humanoid looked at Malena and thought it might be a good idea to ejaculate inside of her too. Malena's pussy was available, so he decided not to wait until his friend was done and stepped forward approaching the couple.

Malena was still trembling from her climax when she felt something caressing her pussy lips. She opened her eyes and gasped loudly. The other creature was standing between her legs. He was going to fuck her too!

With a huge phallus already stuffing her body, she thought it was impossible to fit another cock of the same size. Malena spread her legs wider nonetheless. She was more than willing to try.

But the word impossible had no meaning in this place and the humanoid pushed his phallus inside of the young woman's pussy, first a few centimeters, then as far as it would go. Malena felt as if she was going to torn apart but she wouldn't trade places with anyone at this moment. The sensations radiating from her pussy and ass were mind-blowing.

Moments later, Malena had both cocks pumping her body like there was no tomorrow. Renee walked around the trio to have a better view of the action. She could see her friend's belly bulging here and there as the fat cocks moved within. All the things that were happening in this room seemed like a wild dream. A hot, incredibly arousing dream.

They are fucking her so hard!

As if enjoying a double penetration was not enough, Renee leaned forward and started massaging Malena's clitoris. The overwhelmed woman screamed in bliss, certain that yet another climax was seconds away.

Surprisingly, the three of them climaxed at the same time. Renee thought it would take a long time for the humanoids to reach their peak again, but this wasn't the case. She watched the sperm flow out of Malena's pussy as her spasmodic contractions made her body shudder out of control.

Wow! Do they ever run out of cum?

And they kept flooding the woman's body while Renee moved her cum-smeared hand to her face and licked the delicious fluid. It had a sweet taste that made her tongue tingle and augmented her aroused, if this was even possible.


When they were done, they discarded Malena's shuddering body like a rag-doll and signaled Renee to move forward.

“It is my turn! This is so awesome,” Renee yelp excitedly.

The sperm was still gushing out of Malena's ass when Renee was already bouncing up and down the humanoid's cock. He was standing up and she had her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck.

The humanoid that just fucked Malena was ready to join the couple. He needed no rest and his sperm reserves were vast.

On the contrary, Malena was exhausted. She laid on her stomach while her body still shuddered every few seconds. But she could hear Renee's moaning and she wanted to know what was going on.

Renee felt the other creature poking at her anus and her pussy twitched hard. It was really her turn! She was going to be penetrated by two enormous cocks at the same time!

“Yes! Fuck me in my ass too!”

Malena rested on the floor while she watched Renee get pounded by the humanoids from both sides. She knew exactly how her friend was feeling and she was so happy for her. Malena couldn't believe that those two cocks fit in her body moments ago as it was hard to believe that they could fit in Renee's body right now. Renee screamed in bliss while she was pinned between the two monsters. Droplets of sperm previously pumped in her pussy flew off in every direction.

I can't believe I was in the same situation moments ago. How did I survive that?!

Wanting to return the favor, Malena walked closer, extended a hand between her friend's legs and began rubbing her clitoris. She could see that Renee's belly bulged the same way hers did as the appendages trashed inside.

“Yes!! It feels so good! I going to cum!!” Renee screamed.

“Feels good, doesn't it?”

A moment later, Renee's body started to convulse spasmodically. She was climaxing and the expression on her face made it more than evident. Her eyes rolled back so much that they were mostly white. One of her legs shoot straight out and started trembling rapidly as if she was being electrocuted. This lasted for several seconds while her pussy and ass constricted the phalluses that made this mind-blowing orgasm possible.

It didn't take long before the humanoids ejaculated inside Renee's crammed body. The white fluid filled her cavities immediately and then gushed to the floor beneath the trio. Renee was still cuming and the hot sensation of the sperm filling her loins did a good job prolonging her orgasm. The whole scene was so arousing that Malena started to get horny again and she rubbed her pussy with her free hand.

Renee's orgasm faded off but she remained hanging limply between the two creatures. They were not letting go until their sperm reserves were completely empty.

Malena saw that her friend was almost unconscious and started to worry. She pleaded the humanoids to release her and let her rest. However, she continued rubbing her own pussy.

“Please let her go. She can't take it anymore,” Malena said.

After they were done, the creature's finally stepped aside and Renee slipped to the ground. Malena knelt to check her friend while hearing the humanoids arguing about something. She had no idea that the aliens were deciding whether to keep them as permanent sex partners or let them go back to their home planet. 

I wonder what they are saying. I think it is time to go back to Earth.

Finally, a decision was made. It was too risky to keep the human females. Most likely someone would come over looking for them and the aliens already knew that the human species had heavy weapons. It was better to avoid a confrontation. 

Malena was afraid that the humanoids would try to stop them when she and Renee slowly walked towards the portal, but they didn't. The creatures just looked at them expressionless and immobile. Moments later, both girls were stepping through the portal and arriving home. Renee still felt woozy from her overwhelming orgasm but Malena helped her all the way.

“Don't make any noise. We have to sneak back to my room without being seen,” Malena whispered.

The fact that they were coming back naked was bad enough. But it was also pretty evident that white sperm was leaking from Renee's pussy and ass. It dribbled abundantly down her inner thighs. If they were spotted by one of the guards, they would be forced to give a very embarrassing explanation.


Malena and Renee spent the next day resting and talking about their extraordinary adventure. The girls described to each other how they felt in full detail.

They talked about how the mysterious energy that was discharged on their heads eradicated all reason and awakened their wild sexual instinct. They described how their orgasms were stronger than ever before and lasted more than they thought possible. Everything had been like a dream.

But there was another side to the story. They had been reckless and were fully aware of it. Those monster could have kill them instead of fucking them. Of maybe that could have fuck them and split them in half in the process. It had been pure luck that they resulted unharmed after that otherworldly ordeal. At the end of the day, the girls agreed not to do it again. It was just too dangerous. 


But the more Malena thought about how careless it had been, the more excited she got. Sitting on her bed and staring into nothing, Malena couldn't shake the image of Renee pinned between the two monsters with their large cocks penetrating her pussy and ass and how those same cocks had felt when they were inside of her.

… and I had two of them inside of me at the same time...

Inevitably, Malena's right hand moved between her legs and started caressing her clitoris. Her pussy was already dripping wet.

Moments later, the young woman's body was contorting with spasmodic contractions as she brought herself to climax.

Of course one orgasm was not enough. A few more followed during the next couple of hours. But even then, she couldn't reach the level of satisfaction that she was aiming for. Something was missing.

Malena realized that playing with herself would not provide the necessary gratification ever again. Earlier that day, she had promised not to use the portal anymore but now she was having seconds thoughts. How could she live with the knowledge that such level of pleasure was possible and not pursue it? It was pathetic. She had to visit the aliens again! It was dangerous but the promise of such bliss made it worthwhile.

I have to do it. I have to go back there.

She didn't want to drag Renee into her horny madness, so she decided to go alone this time.

Malena put on a baby-doll and walked down into the portal's chamber. Much to her surprise, Renee was already there! And the reason was not difficult to guess. They both had arrived to the same conclusion. They needed to feel those alien cocks inside of their bodies at least one more time.

“Renee! What are you doing here… wait, why am I even asking? I know why you are here.”

After the initial and brief embarrassment, the two best friends talked about how they really felt and decided to go for it. They were doing it again regardless of the danger.

Renee leaned over the console, trying to figure out the combination of characters they used previously. Which characters did I type in? They all look very similar.

“Can you remember the combination of symbols?” Renee asked Malena.

“Not really. But I think nobody had use it the portal since yesterday, so we should just jump in and it will take us to the same place.”

“I think you are right. Let's do this.”

Malena was right about this characteristic of the portal. It remained locked on the last used location until someone, or something changed it. 

But the girls were so excited with the anticipation of being ravished that they were making assumptions they shouldn't. Almost twenty four hours had passed since they came back from the humanoid's planet and they couldn't possible know it the portal had been used by the scientist since then.

None of this mattered to them. The girls held hands and jumped…


They didn't arrive to the same place! They were lucky enough that this place had breathable air and regular temperature. The wide open place appeared to be desolated except for a some weird-looking plants surrounded by even stranger rock formations. 

“Shit! Where the hell are we?” Renee exclaimed.

“This is definitely not the same place. Maybe we should go back,” Malena said.

The girls considered jumping back to Earth and try again, but then they saw something that triggered their curiosity...

There were a couple of glistening plants that stood out from the rest. Each of these plants had four thick, long tentacles. And this was exactly what caught the girls' attention. As they walked closer, Renee was already picturing one of these tentacles penetrating her pussy. This idea made her shiver, increasing her arousal.

“Wow! Look at these tentacles. They are so shinny and… thick,” Renee said.

“Is this a plant or an animal? I can't tell,” Malena asked, approaching the second specimen.

The creatures sensed the heat of the girls' bodies and bent towards them. They didn't have eyes and couldn't tell if the subjects were suitable for carrying seeds but they were going to find out soon enough.

When Renee was at reach, the creature used its super-sensitive nerves to locate the hottest part of the woman's body to investigate. It touched Renee's pussy through her delicate panties. The woman jolted surprised, but didn't move away.

“What the hell?! It is moving! It is touching my… my panties!”

Renee lifted her head and looked at Malena. They stared at each other without saying a word, certain that they both were thinking the same thing. This creature, whatever it was, wanted to fuck them too.

Renee let out a soft gasp at the feeling of the tentacle rubbing against her crotch and Malena felt her pussy moistening rapidly.

It never occurred to the girls that this creature could be dangerous. The only thought that occupied her mind was the possibility if being fuck as hard as the night before. They quickly discarded their clothes and moved closer to the creatures.

“Are you going to fuck me?” Renee asked the plant, as if it could understand her.

Malena stood near the other creature and talked to it too, “Hello lover. Let's see what you have for me.”

In response to the growing heat of the newly arrived subjects, the creatures moved their tentacles faster, showing their own version of excitement.

Renee turned around with the intention of bending forward, the same way she did with the humanoid the night before, to entice this new strange creature to fuck her. But the creature didn't give her time to do that...

Analyzing the heat waves emanating from the female's body, the lifeform had already figure out her anatomy and it knew exactly which openings to penetrate. And without wasting one more second, it shove the tentacle forward, entering Renee's pussy all the way to the bottom.

Malena heard Renee's loud moan but she didn't bother to check on her friend. She was busy looking at one tentacle surrounding her body, promising a night to remember. The appendages had a fleshy appearance so Malena deduced that this creature was not a plant but an animal. In fact, the tentacle looked similar to those of an octopus, only thicker and larger, much larger.

“You are really going to fuck me, aren't you?” Malena said in a soft voice.

The woman's pussy was twitching even before the appendage that circled around her upper leg touched her skin. She was breathing deeper than normal and her heart was beating fast. She wanted this so badly. 

For a moment, she wondered if there was something wrong with her, wishing to be ravished by an alien monster, but then she remember her previous experience and stopped worrying altogether.


A moment later the orgy was in full gear. The girls' moans traveled far across the vast, open land but there was nobody to hear it. It was only them and the tentacle creatures. There were other strange plants around but they seemed inert and nonreactive.

The mind-blowing assault was everything that Renee expected, including a double penetration. The creature detected the woman's anal cavity and it hurried to penetrate that hole too. The aroused woman reached back and spread her ass-cheeks while she was screaming her lungs out.

This event was very different for the creature. It felt no joy, nor pain. It felt nothing. Its movements were driven by pure reproductive instinct. This species had learn in the course of millions of years that sexually aroused subjects meant more collaborative subjects. Therefore, they excelled in arousing techniques. 

Right now, Renee was experiencing all that knowledge in her pussy and ass. The appendages churned and trashed inside of her body so savagely, so perfectly, that it was driving her insane with pleasure. It was hard to believe that this felt even better than the humanoids' cocks.

And Renee was not the only one. Malena looked up to the star-filled sky trying to cope with the madness that was happening between her legs. The tentacles moved so fast yet so carefully. They touched every sensitive nerve a thousand times every second without pause.

Malena stayed immobile, her muscles tensed, afraid that if she moved even one millimeter this wonderful sensation was going to disappear. She was so mistaken about this. The creature was not going to let her go before she was full to the brim with eggs and until then, Malena was going to remain on the verge of ecstasy. 

While the ravaging continued, something happened with the portal. A new arrival. It was a small, bony creature the size of a cat. A scavenger. It was looking for food or any useful material to build a nest. It represented no danger for the girls and its presence would had been of no consequence if it wasn't for the fact that, after passing through the portal, it changed the connection; therefore, the destination. There was no longer a direct link between this place and Earth.

Unaware of her uncertain future, Renee moaned even louder when she felt warmth filling her entrails. She moved one hand to her belly when it began to bloat. The creature was cuming! It was ejaculating a huge amount of sperm inside of her, along with eggs. Dozens of eggs!

What the hell!! Renee thought through the haziness cause by unbearable bliss.

The night before, the excess of sperm had gushed out of her saturated cavities. This time, the tentacles prevented the eggs and fluid to escape, so the woman's abdomen kept growing, giving her the appearance of being pregnant.

Doing her best to overcome the pleasure she was feeling, Renee lifted her torso to see what was going on with her body. She could actually feel the little bumps formed by the eggs as they accumulated inside her belly. It was so weird… and exciting. Renee was about to cum.

“It is shoving egg inside of me! I am full of little eggs!!” Renee yelled with disbelief

As Renee threw her head back screaming in climax, Malena looked up to see what was happening to her friend. She gasped when she saw Renee's expanding belly. Was this possible? Was the creature pumping so much sperm inside of her that it was stretching her abdomen? These question were about to be answered in less than a minute.

“What is going on over there?!” Malena asked. She received no answer.

And then Malena felt it. First the hot fluid and immediately after, something else, heavier and in great quantities that saturated her belly.

One by one, the small eggs traveled fast through a tube inside the tentacle and emerged within the woman's cavities. Malena saw her own belly growing so fast that in a matter of seconds she appeared to be four months pregnant.

The little bony creature found Renee's panties lying around and thought they would be perfect for its nest. It searched nearby and found more of these delicate garments. While stealing the girls' clothes, the creature always kept its distance from the strange looking female that screamed in bliss a few meters away. 

Renee's body was shaking violently as she rode her orgasm. The pleasure she was feeling was beyond her wildest dreams. She could feel the sperm and the eggs stuffing her vaginal cavity, her womb, her rectum and even her stomach. It was actually starting to hurt, but it hurt so good that she wished this would never end. 

It came to a point where her body couldn't fit any more of the creature's offspring, yet the monster keep pumping more eggs and fluid inside of her. There was only one way out. Renee opened her mouth wide when she felt them rushing up her gullet.

All this happened while her orgasm refused to fade away. It became too much to bare. Renee was dimly aware that she was loosing consciousness. 

Realizing that there was no more space inside the female to keep its offspring, the creature considered that its job was done and retrieved the tentacles. A mixture of eggs and seminal fluid was ejected from Renee's pussy and ass the same way it escaped from her mouth.

Renee felt the pressure within her loins starting to decreases as her cavities expelled the precious cargo. The eggs passing through her pussy lips felt so good that it prolonged her climax.

Watching Renee's ordeal, Malena had deduced that the creature was using their bodies as a vessels for distributing eggs. All this was so freaking arousing and maybe for this very reason, she wanted to help. When her body was full to the limit, the overwhelmed woman tightened her lips and covered her mouth.

She could feel the sperm and eggs in her throat but the creature was still forcing more of them inside. Then the inevitable happened. A large gob of cum erupted between her lips, followed by a couple of eggs.

Malena believed that she was not doing her job right but there was nothing she could do about it. Her climax was still going and she couldn't control her own body.

I can't hold th… them inside...

The astounded woman was jolting not only from her orgasmic contractions but also from the tentacles trashing within her cavities and the gargling reflex of the eggs passing through her throat.

In fact, sensing that its eggs were spraying to the ground was actually the signal that the creature needed to stop. Malena was doing her job perfectly.


A while later, both girls were barely conscious, laying on the floor surrounded by a pool of sperm and discarded eggs. Renee could remember when her orgasm started by she couldn't remember when it ended. She only knew that it lasted several minutes and it was the strongest ever. Her wonderful experience with the humanoids the night before paled in comparison to this one.

“God! This was so awesome!”

Malena's body jolted from time and time as some of the eggs escape her saturated pussy or her jammed ass. She felt her head spinning in the aftermath of her mind-blowing climax. She also felt completely relaxed and satisfied. 

When they had enough time to recover, the girls stood up and walked closer to each other. Their bellies were still bloated but not as much as before. 

“Can you believe this?” Malena said, “This fuck was even better than yesterday's!”

“Absolutely! It was incredible! But… what should we do with all the eggs in ours bellies?”

“I think we are meant to distribute them.”

“We are? Distribute them where?”

“Everywhere I guess. Let's go back home first. Then we'll figure out what to do.”

Malena looked around for her clothes but they were gone. Neither of them saw the little creature that stole them a while ago.

“Where the hell are my panties?” Malena asked, “Damned! We will have to go back naked, again.”

Renee let out a soft gasped as another egg slid off her pussy and fell to the ground. “Ups, another egg slipped out of me.” 

The girls jumped through the portal and froze in place from the shock. They were not in the lab. They were not on Earth! The astounded women didn't understand what was happening. Was the portal broken? Did somebody reprogrammed it while they were fucking like crazy?

“Where the hell are we?!!” Renee asked alarmed.

“Holy crap!!” Was Malena's expression when she looked ahead. 

A few meters away from them, a large creature that like looked like a dinosaur was yelling at another little creature identical to the one that stole the girls' clothes. Despite its prehistoric appearance, the creature seemed to be intelligent.

Acting almost by instinct, Malena jumped back through the portal and ended up in the same place as before, near the tentacle creatures. Then she jumped back to be with Renee.

The dinosaur-creature heard the girls arriving and approached slowly. He wasn't sure to which species they belonged but he was almost certain that they were females. He spoke using the most universal language he knew, hoping that they would answer back and then he could identify their origin.

“bja hgkgv”

“What is that thing?! He is making noises and coming straight at us,” Renee said apprehensively.

“I… I don't know. If he gets any closer, we jump through the portal.”

He actually had a funny appearance and did not seem menacing at all. Malena and Renee stayed put while they looked at him slowly approaching.

The electronic translator implanted in the creature's throat quickly recognized the speech patterns of the girls and his next words came out in perfect English. 

“Hello. My name is Zorg. Where are you coming from? You are humans aren't you?”

“H..Hi. Yes, we are human. We want to go back home,” Malena said.

“Can you help us?” Renee hurriedly asked.

The creature knew that humans had not been using the portal for long. In fact, they visited this planet for the first time just a few weeks ago. He quickly understood the situation. These females didn't know how to program the portal and they had no way to got back home.

Then, he saw one of the eggs slip out of Malena's pussy and this gave him an idea. A very naughty idea.

“Is that a Writher egg?” Zorg asked, “They are delicious. If you give them to me, maybe I can help you.”

“Sure! We'll give them all to you,” Malena exclaimed.

“And then you will help us get home, right?” Renee asked again.

“First the eggs, then we'll talk about it,” Zorg responded.

The confused girls were excited that this creature was willing to help, but they didn't know how to get the eggs out of their bodies. They needed to get creative.

Malena and Renee had been best friends for many years and they had experimented kissing each other on the lips when they were younger, even though they had never been really intimate together. Strangely enough, at this moment they had the same idea at the same time. The only way to get all the eggs out of their bodies was to reach in and grab them.

“I will have to put my whole hand inside of you. Are you sure about this?” Renee asked, kneeling in front of her friend.

“It is the only way. We give him the eggs and then we go home,” Malena answered.

It was an extreme solution but after the first encounter with the humanoids, something changed about the way the girls looked at sex. Nothing seemed beyond the limit. Nothing was impossible.

The fact that Malena was dripping wet with her own fluids, adding to the remnants of her previous ravishing, made it easy for Renee to shove her entire hand into the tight vaginal cavity.

“You are so tight! Your pussy is squeezing my hand,” Renee exclaimed.

Neither of the girls would admit it at this point, but they were both excited with the idea of fisting each other. It was such a wild thing to do!

The creature watched attentively as Renee pushed her hand into her friend's body. Getting the eggs was not really important to him. He could get them at any market-place. He had other plans for this curvy, new arrivals.

Ummh! This females' body cavities are flexible. This is good.

Renee reached a few centimeters further and quickly found a bunch of eggs squirming around. They were so slippery that it was very difficult to grab them. Renee had to move her hand all over the tight place.

“I am touching them. But they are hard to grab!”

Malena did her best not to show the pleasure she was feeling but it was impossible. After a few seconds, her eyes rolled back while she moaned loudly.

Renee pulled her hand out holding a few eggs within her fingers. They counted only four. There were many more still inside.

“I only got four. I'll reach in again.”

“Hmmg…Yes... There are more inside…” Malena whispered. Her pussy was twitching from the expectancy of having her friend's fist inside of her again. 

“They look delicious. Get them all,” Zorg commanded.

Renee shoved her hand further in this time. She pulled out a few eggs and then shoved it even deeper. She repeated the process several times until she was reaching almost elbow deep. She was so excited that she couldn't wait for her turn to be fisted.

“Wow! The eggs are so deep within your body. I have my entire forearm inside of you!”

Malena was going insane from this unbelievable sensation. Her best friend was fucking her with her entire arm. She wondered why they didn't think about doing this before? She was getting very close to climax.

“Yes! This is good. Shove all your arm inside,” Zorg said. The creature was delighted by these females' commitment. He was truly enjoying the show.

With her legs shaking, Malena could barely remain standing as Renee pulled the last couple of eggs. Incredibly, she hadn't reach an orgasm yet and she was dying for it. But then she remembered that the tentacle-creature had deposited eggs in her ass too. This blissful experience was not over.

“These are the last ones. Now it's my turn!”

“Are you sure that these are all?” Zorg knew that the Writher creature always behaved the same way, and most likely, it had deposited eggs in every hole of these females. 

Malena quickly answered Zorg's question about the eggs, eager to have Renee's hand back inside of her body. She turned around and bent forward saying…

“There are more eggs in my ass. We will get those for you too.”

Shit! She is right. Renee thought, I'll have to wait a few more minutes for my turn.

Zorg was certain that Malena was horny enough to agree with his next proposal. “I have a better idea to get those eggs out of you. Get down on your hands and knees.”

Malena was puzzled by the creature's request but all she needed to hear was “to get those eggs out”. She was more than ready to comply.

Zorg waited until Malena was in position to extrude his hidden cock and both girls gasped when they saw it. It was the largest phallus they had seen in their entire lives. Malena wondered if the penetration was even possible, but her pussy gushed nonetheless.

“Oh my God! Look at the size of that thing!” Renee exclaimed.

I can do this! This cock will certainly make me cum. Malena thought.

Zorg moved forward without any hurry, knowing that he was holding all the cards. Malena's heart was beating fast but not because of fear. It was excitement. Having that massive cock inside of her body was something beyond her wildest dreams. Yet here she was. All this was real. The phallus was just a few centimeters from her ass.

“Please hurry. Fuck me with your big cock,” Malena pleaded.

Malena felt the tip of the huge cock pressing against her sphincter and she jolted. For a brief second, she had second thoughts about doing it, but she still didn't move. Then, an instant later, the massive cock was inside of her! And it was stretching her anal cavity beyond belief.

The woman's ass had been already distended by the tentacle that ravished her moments ago, but the girth of Zorg's phallus was twice as big and the penetration felt like the entire world was pushing into her body.

“Arggh! It is in! His cock is inside of me!!”

Malena stared at the floor while the huge appendage entered a few centimeters deeper. The sensation was mind-blowing.

Renee rubbed her pussy rapidly while watching the creature's legs slowly moving forward, taking small steps. At the same time, she saw the enormous phallus disappearing inside of her friend's body. It was difficult to believe that Malena had already taken half his cock up her ass. Then she saw Malena's belly bulging and she knew how deep the phallus was. She rubbed her pussy faster.

Oh my God! How is she doing this?! I want it. I want him to fuck me too!

When his cock couldn't go any deeper, Zorg started moving her bulky hips back and forth, pumping Malena's body with surprising agility considering his size. Malena's slim frame was impaled so thoroughly that it moved along with the strokes, but there was enough friction to drive her inside with pleasure.

“Why don't you lay in front of your friend? She can take the eggs out of you while I take the eggs out of her,” Zorg suggested to Renee.

Renee considered that this was the best idea ever. She couldn't just stay there touching herself while her friend got the ravishing of the century.

Malena stared intently at Renee's pussy while her friend laid in front of her, spread her legs wide and lifted her hips. It was very difficult to focus with Zorg's big cock plugged so deep in her ass.

“Now is my turn Malena. Do me!” Renee demanded with excitement.

Regardless that she couldn't think straight at the moment, Malena understood that returning the favor was the least she could do.

Renee shivered when she felt Malena's fingers touching her pussy lips and reaching a couple of centimeters inside. She was already dripping wet and no further lubrication was necessary.

“Yes!! Reach in and pull those eggs out of me. Fuck me with your whole arm.”

Looking down at her crotch Renee could see the bulge in her abdomen, saturated with eggs. She couldn't wait to have Malena's hand pulling them out.

A moment later Renee had her wish fulfilled. Malena's forearm was almost elbow deep in her tight cavity while she moaned loudly from the overbearing sensation. To Malena, it was amazing to feel so many eggs churning around and yet it was so challenging to grab them. “I can...ughh.. feel them. I can feel the eggs!”

Malena pulled out her hand holding just five semi-transparent eggs. She knew there were dozens more still inside and she wondered if she would be able to pull them all out before reaching an orgasm that might drive her unconscious.

“Do it again please! Pull more eggs out!” Renee pleaded.

Malena keep shoving her arm into Renee's pussy while Zorg keep shoving his cock into Malena's ass. The overwhelmed woman was doing her best to hold back her climax but was losing the battle. She could feel a powerful orgasm building within her loins and she suspected that it was going to be devastating.

“I… am… cum...ing..” Malena yelled.

And she was not the only one. Zorg announced that he was about to cum too and Renee was not far behind.

“Get ready to receive my sperm, dear. I am cuming!” Zorg exclaimed.

“Don't stop! Please don't stop!” Renee pleaded.

Zorg closed his eyes tightly while he reached his peak and his vast reserves of sperm initiated the journey from his male sac into Malena's frail body.

The shivering woman felt Zorg's phallus pulsating inside of her, then the warmth of his cum feeling her entrails and that was it. Her mind blanked out completely. With her arm still buried inside Renee's pussy, her orgasm hit her like a freight train. It was so intense that her body froze over while her mind crumbled under waves of pleasure that she was no able to comprehend.

Renee was right on the edge of climax. Malena's hand was still inside of her but it was not moving anymore. She wondered what was going on and the answer came quickly. A loud, gurgling sound preceded a large god of cum that erupted from Malena's gaping mouth.

What's happening?! Renee wondered in silence.

It took her a moment to understand what was happening, but it all became obvious when the white sperm splashed on her belly and chest. Zorg was pumping so much cum inside Malena's body that it was coming out of her mouth and it was expelling the eggs along with it. Renee thought it was a cleaver, super sexy solution.

“Holy crap! The eggs are coming out of your mouth! This is so hot!”

Still not reaching climax, Renee pulled back and watched Malena's unconscious body crumble to the ground. The overwhelmed woman still shivered at the rhythm of Zorg's non-stopping ejaculation, but her rolled-back eyes were a clear indication that her mind was gone, lost in a labyrinth of unbearable pleasure.

“This feels good. Your soft bodies are perfect receptacles for my cum,” Zorg said happily.

“My belly is flat again. But there are more eggs inside of me,” Renee assured, begging for more.

Considering that Malena had endured enough, Zorg slowly walked back retrieving his huge phallus from the unconscious woman. Renee watched with fascination as the remnants of sperm gushed from her friend's anus and spilled to the floor between her legs. She was certain that it was her turn and her pussy twitched just thinking about it.

And Zorg was ready for her. He turned his bulky body around and indicated Renee to go down on her hands and knees. It didn't sound like a command but more like a polite suggestion. In any case, Renee was more than happy to oblige. She couldn't get her eyes off the cum-smeared phallus while she plugged a finger into her ass. It felt so good and it was just a finger!

The ravishing that was coming next was going to be monumental.

“Step over here my dear female. It is your turn to deliver those eggs inside of you.”

“Of course. I can't wait to give them to you.”

Renee's breathing was agitated while she looked back at the approaching phallus. It was so much bigger up close. She was scared but her arousal was stronger than her fear. 

“Are you ready to receive my cock?”

“I am ready. Please go slow, like you did with Malena.”

Renee felt the huge appendage spreading her ass-cheeks and penetrating her body with ease. Zorg was so massive that her tightness was no obstacle for his hard, unyielding cock. He pushed deeper and deeper until Renee thought that the tip of his phallus was going to come out of her mouth.

Then, without any warning whatsoever, she reached a mind-blowing climax.

The same way it happened with Malena, the creature's cock was so tightly snuggled by Renee's cavity that his pumping motions rocked the woman's entire body, reducing the friction and prolonging the mating session.

Not that Renee was complaining about this. As soon as her first orgasm faded off, she could feel the next one already building inside of her.

Eventually Zorg reached his peak again and discharged an equally large amount of cum into Renee's packed body. The overwhelmed woman was in the midst of another orgasm when she sensed the hot fluid traveling up her throat and gushing between her lips. The stunned woman felt like she was nothing more than an extension of Zorg's cock. Like a living sheath created to keep his cock warm and ready to deliver his cum from her mouth whenever it was needed.

At this moment, knowing that her mind was slipping away, she understood why Malena had lost consciousness after experiencing the same treatment. This was absolute, utter bliss.

A moment later, Zorg was looking down at the two human females lying unconscious on his sky-deck and wondered if he had over do it. But the girls seemed fine. It was just a matter of waiting until they regained consciousness.

“Ups, I guess my cock was too much for them. I'll take a nap until they wake up.”

He was no done with them yet. He was planning to assign a few more tasks to these sexy visitors before letting them go back to their home planet. 


Malena woke up first. She didn't know where she was or what had happened, until she looked at Zorg sleeping nearby and she felt the soreness all over her body but particularly in her ass.

God! That was unreal! I wonder how I am still alive after being fucked like that... Then she looked at Renee, a couple of meters away, sleeping peacefully with her own pool of sperm accumulated between her legs and around her face. Oh! Renee fell unconscious too?

Malena woke Renee and the girls talked about the situation. 

“Are you ok?” Malena asked her confused friend.

“Yeah, I guess…my ass hurts. Is Zorg sleep



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