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Some Days Are Special

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Some days at school are dull and unintersting beyond words. It's always worse when it is hot as well. Yesterday was stifling. An airless classroom and 12 of us sweating our way through a particularly boring French lesson from a teacher who ought to have retired years ago. I walked home with my best freind Anna and we just trudged along talking about the day. When we got to her house, another problem. Her air conditioning wasn't working and in her room it was even hotter than in class.

We couldnt decide what to do, whether to go for a swim or to the mall or just laze about. Right out of the blue, Anna said 'I want to get off. Do you mind?' Before I really knew what I was saying I said 'Sure, go for it' and Anna opened her legs and began running her hands up and down her inner thighs. I could see from her blue panties how wet she already was. I wathced almost hypnotized as she stroked her thighs, every now and then allowing her finger to trace the edge of her panties. I found myself willing her to touch herself properly.

She stopped and slipped out of her t-shirt and bra and then resumed her stroking. Finally, after what seemed like forever, her hand dipped into the waistband and travelled down between her legs. She sighed out loud as she touched herself and I could clearly see her middle finger arch over before sinking deep inside her. I sat opposite her on the bed (She was at one end and me the other) and I began to reach up under my own skirt.

Suddenly, I wanted to be part of this. Anna raised her hips off her bed and slipped her panties down. She just left them lying on the bed and I picked them up. They were really wet and holding them made me aroused. I touched her wetness on them and Anna must have seen becuase she said 'Laura, touch me for real.' I reached forward and let my fingers explore her pussy. I have never in my life even thought about touching another girl like this, not even in fantasy, but pushing my fingers in and out of her and feeling her grip me was so horny. Anna told me to bend my fingers a little more and push forward and to go real fast. As I did, I felt her suddenly grip hard and gush into my hand, and I knew I had made her cum. Anna sat up and kissed me, removing my top at the same time. She cupped my (much smaller) breast in a hand and squeezed hard. Then she reached up my skirt and slipped my panties off. I lay back and let her finger me. I could feel my orgasm building so slowly, but also so strongly and I wanted Anna to make me cum. Anna pressed a wet finger against my ass and as I felt it sink inside me I orgasmed hard on her fingers. We lay naked in each others arms afterwards and kissed a lot before making each other cum again.

Anna suggested that we wear each other's panties for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I walked home with her wetness all over me, and by the time I got home I could hardly wait to rub myself off again in them. Anna phoned me and told me that she had rubbed off in mine too but that now, she was outside in her garden and was going to pee into my panties. I suddenly wanted to do the same, and I told her to wait until I found a place too. Then she said 'Are you ready? I'm doing it, just a little into your panties Laura' I let some go too and it felt so erotic as Anna started to tell me that she couldnt hold on any more. I heard her cum as I flooded her panties and orgasmed with her.

Later that night we went out for the evening and made love in her car. I felt like a total slut and I loved every minute of it. I know Anna has a boyfreind and that she has gone the whole route with him. I really hope that we carry on together though. Anna told me she had never done anything with another girl either, and that she wanted to experiment more together. I can't wait!



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