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Skyping With My Sister

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One day about a week ago I was Skyping with my sister Connie who lives in Sweden. She had called me and I was wearing a blouse and a slip. The camera panned down and she says, 'oh you're wearing a slip! 'Its very pretty have you been wearing clothes like that for very long?' I answered that I had been since getting out of the Army. A long time ago. 'Well you look very nice!' Then we went on having a conversation.

I started to get an erection and I was feeling pretty good about it. She liked to talk so I just sat there and listened to her talk about her projects and her garden and life in general in Sweden. Then the camera pans down again and she smiles and says, 'My that's a tent you have under your slip. How long have you been like that?' 'Several minutes now!' I said. Then the camera pans back up to my face. She says with a smile, 'Well did I have anything to do with that?' 'Kind of!' She giggles and says, 'Toby isn't here right now so it's ok.'

'You don't mind?' 'No I don't mind it is unusual but I'm ok with it.' She continues with talking about her projects. I continued to stay hard. I was waiting for the camera to pan down again to see what she would say and it did. 'I can see that you're still hard. Is it uncomfortable sitting there with that?' The camera pans back up. 'No it feels pretty neat.' I said. She smiles and says, 'How long do you think you will be like that?' I said, 'I hope as long as you'll talk to me.' She laughs and says, 'Since Toby isn't here right now I don't have a problem with it!'

'Connie! 'Do you want to see what you're missing?' She chortles and smiles and says, 'You're my brother! I shouldn't do this but ok I'll have a look.' I was surprised that she agreed so I said, 'I'm going to have to adjust the camera first.' I adjusted the camera and she waited patiently. I pulled my slip up and there it was! Her eyes got real big and she smiles and for a minute she doesn't say anything. Then she says, 'I had no idea! It's big. I like seeing the head of it! I made my dick flick for her! She says, 'Will you do that again for me?' So I flicked my dick a few more times. She giggles and says, 'It's funny to watch you do that!'

I just sat there flicking my cock once in a while, I could see her on her video and her eyes were rivited to my cock. She kind of got red in her face.

Then I asked if she would help me get over the hill! All she said was 'You better hurry Toby could be here any time.' So I started stroking my cock and watching her face on the video. She sat there with out saying a word and I could feel my charge getting ready to blow and it was the neatest thing because my cock was facing the camera and it panned in and my cock head took up the whole camera! She and I both could clearly see the litte dimples on my cock head and the piss slit.

Just as I was shooting my wad, which made it look like it was going straight at her. She shakes her head puting her hand up above one of her breasts and says, 'That was sure sexy Mike you shooting your stuff out like that, did it get all over your keyboard?' 'A little got on there.' 'Do you want to see it?' I said. Then I adjusted the camera to show my face. 'You're all red now, and no I don't want to see it.' is all she said.

I calmed down feeling real guilty what with I had just done. We talked for a little while longer and she said that it would be better for us to hang up. I was afraid that she would never call me again. But she did about a week later and she said that it was ok for that one time but she didn't want me to continue because she was afraid that Toby could walk in anytime. I asked her 'What about when he isn't there?' She paused and says, 'Let me think about that ok!'



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