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She Rubs Panties in My Face

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I wish more women would discover the power of a woman's scent to excite a man...


Luc said, '....That was the start of a long and happy fetish with women's panties. I will document the more memorable ones if there is an interest.'

Your story of getting hooked on panties certainly rings true, and many of us would love to hear more. I was first aroused by a woman's scent when I was thirteen, staying, for the summer with my dad. We went out to dinner at the home of a business friend and his wife. The talk was boring, and she wasn't a good cook, but she was a gorgeous Italian who showed lots of cleavage, so I was a little drunk on her tits when I went into the bathroom.

The wrong bathroom, as it turned out because they had a 'guest' bath and this was the one off their bedroom. Their bedroom was strewn with clothes and lingerie, and her 'daytime' bra and panties were tossed in the bathroom, a deep red. I kind of fell into a trance, and I picked up her panties and started to look at them.

There was some kind of white stuff in the crotch and the sight of it excited me. My pants were already down and I sprung an erection, and masturbated right there, ejaculating into the sink. I was totally turned on, even though I had no idea what that white stuff was, or why it smelled so good. I'd been gone so long, I was totally scared that the adults knew what I was doing, but when I came back out, they hardly noticed.

I went back later and looked and smelled some more, and that night in bed masturbated again. I was hooked, for sure, and whenever I was attracted to a girl, or a friend's sister or mom, I would find a way to masturbate with their lingerie. Sometimes I would put on their panties and bra.

I was very shy about this, but when I was in college, much later, a girlfriend began rubbing hers in my face when I was on the bed, and my reaction blew her away! I was instantly hard and begging for more, insanely horny. She teased me until finally I shot the biggest load ever.

After that, I confessed to her a lot of things, including masturbating with some of her friends' panties. It turned her on, I was horny like she'd never seen a guy before, and she felt such power to tease me with them, that she actually connived to get freshly worn panties from her friends (a couple of them she told), and torture me with thoughts of fucking them while she rubbed their panties in my face. She loved what an awesome load I would shoot when she finally jerked me off.

I was really lucky to be with her, and unfortunately we eventually went our own ways. I haven't found another girlfriend who appreciates as much as she did what panties do to me, so I'm back to masturbating with them in secret. It's hard to mention in polite company, because most people think it's dirty and somehow perverted, but isn't it natural for men to be turned on by the scent of a woman? It's the ultimate compliment to her, and really a kind of worship of the power of womanhood. I wish more women understood that! I keep looking...and smelling!



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