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Sexy Saturday Night

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Had a date with someone I met online Saturday night.  Needless to say, it was one of the best dates I ever had and I'm definitely looking forward to our 2nd one!!!


Hey again everyone...Brianna here!  Those that read my last story, "Secretly In Public" already know a bit about me.  What I look like, that I like to play in public, etc.  Those that haven't read it...what are you waiting for?  This one might be a little long, but I hope you enjoy my experience.

Anyways, I met this super cute girl off of a dating website a couple weeks back.  We've been talking back and forth and finally we decided to go out together last night.  Her name is Eve & she's 25 years old.  She has auburn red hair down to her mid-back, bright green eyes, 5'7, 120lbs, 36D, and one of the nicest asses I have ever seen.  Needless to say, she's a total babe!  We had decided to go out for some dancing and drinks at a club downtown. 

For the date, I decided to wear a black leather corset top with some matching leather booty shorts.  I'll finished off the outfit with some sexy fishnets and come heeled ankle boots.  When I showed up to the club, I waited about 10 minutes for Eve to show up, but WOW was it worth the wait!  She walked up to me wearing a skin tight pink satin minidress that came down just below her ass and had a low scoop to show off her tits.  She also had on some 4" heels.  We hugged eachother as we said hello and she smelled intoxicating.  I felt my panties dampen a bit as we let go of one another and headed inside. 
Before hitting the dance floor we grabbed a couple of drinks to have time to talk and loosen ourselves up a bit.  Once we were done with the drinks, we went hand in hand to get our dance on.  I can honestly say after dancing with her that we both really know how to move our bodies!  We started out arms around each others necks, but shortly after she turned me around and had my ass pressed up against her.  She wrapped her arms around my waist and held me tight.  Then she moved the hair from one side of my neck and gently starter kissing my neck.  I let her know I liked it by grinding my ass into her as my hands went around to her backside and grabbed a handful of her ass.  As she continued to kiss my neck, I leaned up and whispered into her ear, "you're making me very horny"(I'm very blunt and to the point if you couldn't tell).  I'm guessing she was as well, because she answered that by moving her hands up my body and over my tits(apparently, she's just as blunt...haha!).  I couldn't take it anymore.  I turned around, stood on my toes, grabbed her face, and kissed her soft lips.  She kissed me back and snuck her tongue into my mouth.  It's going to sound super corny considering our date choice, but our tongues danced as expertly as Eve and I did on the dance floor.  We broke the kiss after what seemed like forever and I gave her a look that screamed out, "I need you now!".

She got the hint and led me across the club to the bathroom.  I honestly didn't care if anyone else was in there, I just needed her.  We locked ourselves in the handicap stall(due to there being more room), and our hands were all over one another as we made out...I had to have her!  I ran a hand slowly from her mid thigh all the way up to the bottom edge of her panties as I hiked her skirt up along the way.  I lightly brushed my finger across her slit as she let out a quiet moan.  I felt her wetness start to seep through her panties as her breath started to quicken.  I continued to rub her pussy over her panties and then attacked her clit.  Next thing I know, she's biting down into my neck to try and muffle her moans as I can clearly tell she's having a very nice orgasm.  After it subsided, I took 2 finger5 and slipped them under her panties and into her pussy.  I scooped out some of her juices and brought my fingers to my mouth as I sucked them dry.  She tasted really good btw.  After catching her breath, she pushed my up against the stall and held both my arms above my head with one hand.  The other hand slowly undid the zipper to my skin tight leather shorts.  At this point, my panties were beyond soaked and destroyed.  If it weren't for the super tight shorts, a little bit probably would've leaked out.  With her knowing how wet my pussy was, she went right for the kill.  She easily stuck 2 fingers inside my pussy as her thumb grazed my clit.  She had me moaning and grinding myself against her fingers as she moved them in and out of my pussy.  With her fingers moving in and out, you could even hear how wet I was.  I told her I was about to cum, and she had the nerve to take her fingers out!  But she smiled and didn't make me wait long.  She spun me around and bent me over as my hands were holding myself up against the stall wall.  I did all I could to hold myself up as my legs were getting wobbly.  She slapped my ass a few times, which felt absolutely amazing in my leather shorts.  I moaned and jumped with each slap.  She then pulled me close to her with my ass facing her(just like on the dance floor) and from behind, again inserting her fingers inside of me.  I was grinding my ass against her and squeezed my legs together so she couldn't remove them this time.  At this point I was pretty much moaning on auto-pilot and knew I was moments away from my own orgasm.  I held onto her wrist(of the hand that was inside my pussy), and ground away on it.  Seconds later I had one hell of an orgasm as my juices squirted out from my pussy, soaking her hand, my panties, the inside of my shorts, and a little bit on the floor.  I took her fingers out from my pussy as she held me upright.  It took me a few minutes to regain myself, but once I did, I kissed her so passionately, thanking her for such a wonderful orgasm.  I zipped up my shorts and she lowered her dress back over her ass.  Eve unlocked the door to the stall and we headed out of the bathroom.

With all the passion and excitement going on, I really don't know(and honestly don't care) if anyone ever came in.  It's a ladies room at a club, so I'm sure someone did at some point.  All I can say is I hope they enjoyed what they heard.  And if not, ah well.  Eve and I walked arm in arm towards the exit of the club as it was getting late.  She walked me to my car and kissed me goodbye as she playfully swatted my ass.  We broke the kiss, told me to call her tomorrow, and she walked away towards her car.  Of course as she walked away, I couldn't help but stare at her ass(hey, I'm only human).  As she got to her car, she turned and yelled for me to check my purse.  I looked inside and there were her panties!!  I looked up smiling as she gave me a wink, blew me a kiss, and got in her car.  As soon as I got into my car I brought her panties to my nose...they smelled so good!  I put the crotch part of her panties inside my mouth and sucked on them as I unzipped my shorts.  I quickly inserted a finger inside my pussy bringing myself to one last orgasm before heading home.  Just for fun, maybe I'll wear those same panties out on our 2nd date.  😉



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