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I live in a 4 bedroom house with my brother. My bedroom is the old attached 2 car garage which has been converted into a huge bedroom space. My bed is in one half of the room and the sitting room has a recliner, small couch, and all my DVD's line the empty wall space. My flat screen TV is set up about 4 feet from the foot of the bed and my computer desk sits directly to the right of my TV and they basically act as the divider of the 2 halves of the room.

My brother's daughter got a divorce and her and the 2 kids moved into the 2 spare rooms in the house. Her daughter is 14 and her son is 12, The kids are constantly getting movies to watch in their room or they sometimes watch them on my 55" TV instead of their small TV. Sometimes both kids would be looking for a movie or watching movies on my TV and sometimes it would just be my niece's daughter.

I've been flashing since I was 11 or 12 years old, but it was always me running around the neighborhood naked or riding my bicycle up and down the street with just a t-shirt on. And when I was old enough to drive, I would drive around town completely naked or park naked in a mall parking lot jerking off to the ladies walking by or getting into their car parked next to mine. I wasn't into flashing family members, because the urge to be caught by anyone in my family wasn't there. Or maybe it was the fact that growing up I had no sisters or close female cousins to accidently see me naked or catch me jerking off. And later on in my flashing career was the introduction of the webcam. That one invention reduced the amount of risk I was taking and probably saved me from a lot of jail time. I did however, looking back on it, always felt like I wasn't normal. Plus, it only worsened those abnormal feelings when dealing with aftermath of being caught by people I knew and having pictures spread around school of me jacking off. But, I think it would have been way more difficult to deal with being arrested. Who knows where I'd be now or how I'd handle being arrested. Because the simple truth is that with the path I was on, eventually I would have been spending some time in courts or in jail. Just in the past 8 or 10 years I was able to confide or find a few female friends to tell them about my addiction and even participate in some mutual masturbation or staying clothed and watching me whack off. I felt more normal than ever around that time and of course finding the solo touch website and reading about others with my same affliction was nice bonus too. I have recorded most of my online shows and a few of me masturbating at my computer desk while a female friend watches.

Now, having my niece's daughter running around the house to accidentally or purposely see me naked or jerking off, has fueled quite a lot of fantasies. I can't imagine I would ever have the balls to act on one of those fantasies, but I have done some things I thought I would never do and felt guilty about already. One time I jerked off on top of my bed with my dick sticking out of the leg of my shorts while she was looking for a movie in the other half of my room. All she had to do was look to either side of the back of my TV and she would have seen more than enough. And twice I was completely naked under the bed sheets while she was at my computer. Oh, how I wanted to just throw those sheets to the side and have her turn her head ever so slightly to the left and see me completely naked, but I didn't. I admit that those situations fell short of what I really wanted to do or have happen. Guess that's why they call them fantasies.

So, one evening my niece's daughter comes into my room and asks if she can watch a movie on my TV. I said sure because I was going to be busy for an hour or 2 downloading pictures for work and sending out a couple of emails. I put the movie into the DVD player and turned on the surround system and she jumps on top of my bed and props her head up with 2 pillows for optimal viewing. I then sat down at my computer desk and proceeded with my work. About an hour or so into the movie I'm trying to get the last few pictures to download when all of a sudden my computer freezes and up pops a video of me naked and jerking my hard cock. It's a video of me naked with dick in hand and the first part of it is just me in the frame of my webcam masturbating at my desk with my female friend just off to the side out of view of the webcam. At first my friend just sits on the corner of my bed watching, later in the video she pulls her pants and g-string down to her ankles and brings her perfect naked ass towards my loaded pee shooter and I shoot white bullets all over it. I love cumming all over a girl's beautiful naked ass. It's one of my favorite videos and I watch it quite a bit. But, no matter what I did, I couldn't get the media player to stop nor could I get the computer to do anything but show the full screen video of me pumping like a mad man. As I continue to watch what's being played on my screen, one part of me is freaking out. While the other part of me is excited as hell and I start to feel a familiar sensation in my lower region. All of these feelings are happening at the same time, and then I notice that the video has been playing for like 20 to 30 seconds. I think I was conflicted as what to actually do at that moment in time. Do I stop it or let it play so she can watch me jerk myself off? That's when I finally realized, after the haze cleared up a little in my head, all I needed to do was to push the on/off button. I silently wondered to myself why I didn't think of that sooner. That's when the guilt flooded me like a dammed up river, I sat there confused, but really happy about what just accidentally happened. I know that inside I was too afraid to look back and make eye contact with my niece's daughter, but outwardly I acted as though nothing was wrong and rebooted my computer and went back to work. Now, like I said earlier, my TV is just 4 feet from the end of my bed and the 28" computer screen, which sits on top my desk at roughly the same height of my TV, is maybe another 2 feet to the right. So, there's no doubt in my mind that saw me jerking off. There's no way she could not of seen, but I may never really be 100 percent sure. Because when the movie was over a short while later, the only thing she said was thanks for letting her watch the movie in my room. Maybe, one day she'll confirm what I already know, if not, I still have a great actual experience to remember from the next time I jerk off. It's not just a fantasy anymore.

Just a side note, because I build and maintain my own computers, I wanted to try to find out why my computer froze and why that video was the one that popped up. Even though I could not have planned it any better, I still had to know whether it was some sort of virus, or someone hacking my computer, or something else. Come to find out that when I finished writing (or sending) all my pictures to my flash drive, it was synced to my media player to start playing what was in my video playlist and that video was the first one in the playlist. I don't ever remember syncing anything, so it was most likely a mistake on my part. It still doesn't explain why it froze up, may never know the reason why. How ironic though, a mistake that doesn't cost me money and that ends up being a good thing for a change.



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