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Montreal Delights

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Max in the Point stroked me


This happened when I was 24. We had a friend, Max, 37 year old, in the Point and we used to go over to his place to spend Friday and Saturday nights. We would visit and watch TV, and as a group his place was the hang out. He was single and would let me and my GF use his spare bedroom for quickie sex! It was really fun!

One Tuesday I called Max up asking if me and my GF could visit, to have a romp of course and he said okay but be early at 6pm as he had to go out.

When I got there and knocked on the door, it opened a crack and he asked where is Jane and I said she could not make it, his phone was busy so I decided to drop by in person and let him know.

I noticed though the door opening he was nude! He let me in and said make yourself comfortable, as he walked away I noticed he had huge balls and they hung low but a tiny penis, although it was soft!

I sat on the couch and he returned with a couple of drinks, still nude and said I hope you don't mind since it is only guys and stifling hot. It was a really hot July day and he had no air conditioning.

It was turning me on, to see him nude as three years earlier I had had two Bi Curious experiences with older men in their forties so I was very interested to see what could happen but was unsure how to go about it in case he was 100% straight. Then Max said if you want to strip down feel free since it is hot. This was my chance I thought!

This turned me on and I said sure, why not, as I removed my shirt he asked if I work out and I was really buff, I said yes and thought hmm he is flirting, as he said that he had touched his balls and pulled his foreskin back...

I stripped down and as I got to my shorts he said that he had heard a rumor that I was well hung and I said I don't really know what to compare to! I stood there nude and he said wow you look like an athlete, nice circumcised cock, although it is not really fully soft, you must be horny! And fairly large shaved balls, and a good thick patch of pubic hair neatly trimmed...I felt a tingle and as I walked by him to get a towel to put on the couch it felt exciting to be walking around naked! As I walked back my cock had started to swell and he said, that cock is looking better all the time and I'll bet your girlfriend would have had fun with you today and laughed!

He asked what I usually did with her and I said she was always measuring my cock and said that she wanted to make a plaster mold of it and mount it on her wall! I had to cross my legs at this point as I was getting hard! He said really, how big does it get, open your legs and show me, I said, nearly eight inches when she gets me really hard and presses the ruler down tight! It was 7 3/4 long and 6 1/2 inches measured around..according to her!!

He said he had a buddy with a nine incher and really thick but still anything over six is pretty big! Then Max got up and came back with a ruler and said show me!

I was nervous and it was now pretty hard and Max said you are a Grower, a guy whose cock gets dramatically larger when hard compared to when soft!

Max walked up and said lay back I want to see and get a picture of it! He took out his camera and said here hold the ruler and as I fumbled with the ruler he put the camera down and said like this, to my shock he took my hard cock in his left hand and pulled it straight up, stroked it a few times, said now it is really stiff!!! and I moaned and with the right hand held the ruler against the front snd pressed down against the pubic bone until it hurt a bit, he said wow it is nearly eight inches, as he said that he squeezed it and the head of my penis was absolutely swollen and rock hard! I said careful or I will spurt cum all over you!

He laughed and said now you hold it like that and as I did he took a couple of pictures then he said okay without the ruler, pull your ball sac down tight and proceeded to do so to show me, again I moaned! I started to have pre cum at the cock opening and he said that is an impressive cock!

Then as if nothing happened he went back to his chair leaving me on the couch with a complete boner! I noticed he was hard but it was really a short fat penis...

He changed the subject and I asked if we could watch some porn he said sure and in a couple of minutes I said do you mind? What Max asked? Well I am so horny can I just masturbate here to relieve myself! What is the difference you have seen me nude, seen me erect and actually it turned me on when you held my cock...He said sure and he would too.

Then I looked over and saw him stroke his cock it was about three inches hard! He said 'see how small mine is' and in a seconds globs of cum oozed out and dropped down his fingers and all over his pubic hair!

He said go ahead, stroke it and I started to pull my cock skin up and down and he asked you want some help? I nodded and he came over and had me spread my legs, with his large hands took my fully erect penis and started to play with my balls, then rubbed his thumb against the sensitive skin on the underside of the cock..That was incredible

'This is a beauty and so nice looking, great shape, huge vein on the underside and a beautiful purple cock head! A perfect cock!

He asked if I liked it and I said yes!! As he stroked he said close your eyes and I did, he was holding my balls with one hand, and slowly stroking me then I felt this warm wet sensation and he must have used his saliva quickly, he said that is lube and laughed!

I said Max I am going to Cum and as I said that he continued to stroke, slowly which made me feel like I was going to have an amazing ejaculation!

As I moaned I said now!!! And this spurt hit me on the neck and he stopped stroking and just held my cock...two more spasms and I squirted twice onto my chest and tummy....it was great!!

Then he waited a few seconds and started stroking me again, really fast and squeezed my cock shaft really hard and he said cum again for me and to my amazement...I felt that familiar tingle and then I came again, this time the cum dribbling out in about four smaller gentle spurts with the cum just pouring our slowly and sliding down his fingers he used the cum to lubricate the shaft and kept masturbating me being really careful not to touch my cock head as it got instantly sensitive, he said the cum makes the best lube! !!!!

We met several times again after that and Max basically trained me how to multiple cum...it was amazing...he always gave me a hand job and loved to masturbate me.....it was great...

We never considered ourselves gay but we were very bi situational and had great fun!! Eventually we had a threesome with his girl friend where she would masturbate me while he lay back on the bed and masturbated..we all felt it was safe yet amazingly exciting and satisfying!



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