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It all started with mom...

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How my fetish for female masturbation started with my mom. This story, though a very small portion of what really happened is totally true.


I love this site and I've submitted a couple of true stories about my wife and how finally with years of encouragement I got her to openly masturbate for me. Now after being married for 25 years our main sexual release is mutual masturbation. But this story is not about that, I want to share how my fascination and love of female masturbation got started.

I grew up in a large family, in fact I am one of nine and next to the baby of the family. As a result of my dad being disabled and a heavy drinker we lived primarily from his Veteran’s benefits. This meant that we moved around a lot but each time we did it was also a small house because we didn't have enough money to get a suitable place. This meant that most of us shared rooms and even beds at times. My mom and dad slept separate from one another and since I was next to the baby I was selected to sleep with my mom which I truly didn't mind because we had a close relationship and unbeknown to the rest of my family, we shared a special relationship. As it turns out my mother was addicted to masturbation and since I was in the same bed it eventually led to me helping her get off.

First I should describe her. She was probably 5’8” and rather heavy set with large breasts. She was by no means a “MILF” but at the time it didn't matter. She would often go to bed in just a shirt and her panties or a nightgown. When she wanted to masturbate she would turn her back to me for a while and we would spoon. Then I would feel that familiar nudge as she would hump her ass back into my crotch. She would do this for a couple minutes until she would clearly be able to feel my hard on poking her in the ass. Then she would roll over on her back spread her legs really wide and if she had panties on she would put her had down the front and start rubbing her clit. I would go under her leg and enter her panties from below and stick one or two fingers in her pussy and pump in and out like I was fucking her. She would always hump against my hand, sometimes talking dirty like, “You like mommy’s old pussy don’t you?” or “Make mommy’s pussy cum baby”. Sometimes we would kiss and she would use her tongue which I would suck on, to this day that still gets me going when my wife does that.

The best times were when she would either take her panties off or not wear any to start with. I felt like I had unrestricted access to her pussy which was very hairy and I still love a hairy pussy. She also enjoyed having her tits played with or she would have me suck them while we masturbated her. Although my mother loved to masturbate and loved to have me help her achieve her orgasm, she never offered the same for me. After she got off she would simply roll over and go to sleep so I would get up and go to the bathroom and take care of myself. Usually I would sniff and lick her scent from my fingers. I would remember the encounter and make myself cum on the toilet. This led to the other fetish I have of sniffing worn panties. I would often find a pair of her panties and sniff them while I jacked off.

As I got older I would sometimes act like I was adjusting my shorts or something like that just to expose my hard on to her. She did rub my cock a couple of times which just made her hot and we ended up masturbating her pussy and then I had to take care of myself as always. This special relationship went on for years and I truly enjoyed it. She would never let me go further, with the exception that she did enjoy me licking her pussy from time to time but it was most usually just masturbation.

When I met my wife and started dating her I realized that my mother was a very jealous person. That and the fact that I started sleeping on the couch because I didn't want my girlfriend to know I was sleeping with my mother, led to the end of our masturbation nights. It actually ended our relationship all together. A year or so later my parents were divorced and I opted to stay with my dad as he lived closer to my wife who I was dating at the time. I never really talked to my mother after that and she has since passed away. I admit that I loved our fun times and thinking back on them still gets me excited. I think my wife benefited from this because I truly know how to play with a pussy and get her going. She has teased our boys by walking around in skimpy panties and masturbating with the door open but that’s as far as that’s gone but it still turns me on and takes me back.

Sorry if this is too long, it’s totally true and I've wanted to share this story for a long time. Hope you enjoy reading it.



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