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Growing Up Part 1

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A true account of my memories of growing up.

When puberty hit me it was no surprise. I grew up in an era when you'd see other guys naked from time to time. Changing at the local pool, skinnydipping in a pond on a local farm, peeing without dividers between the urinals. It was no big deal and the norm at the time. So I'd seen lots of cocks of all ages and knew I'd eventually grow hair like the older boys.

I also shared a room with my older brother Dave who was ony 14 months older than myself. I remember when he sprouted hair over his dick and watched him mature, knowing I would follow in a year or so. I remember when he had his first wet dream and how he was scared his bellybutton had sprung a leak or something since there was this goo from his navel to his crotch. His penis must have pushed it's way out of the waistband of his briefs and he'd shot on his stomach.

We went to the kitchen where our parents were having breakfast and Dave showed them and told them of his concern. Our parents gave each other a knowing look and my Mom left the room. Dad gave us both the 'birds and the bees' talk explaining what had happened to Dave and that it would eventually happen to me too. And without getting specific as to why but Dave would probably like to have some private time to himself from time to time and I should respect that. That it was part of becoming an adult.

Bounce ahead a year or so and I entered puberty. Hair sprouted above my penis and the hair on my legs began to thicken and get darker. My dick started to grow and was hard seemingly all the time. I'd played with it before but now when I bathed and washed it, it would pop to attention and tickled when I washed it. I marveled at how this was the only part of my body I could tickle myself but never went so far as to have an orgasm.

My best friend Matt entered puberty at the same time as myself and we compared our progress often. We discussed how we were boned all the time and how awkward it could be. And that we'd heard that you could make it go away with jacking off but weren't sure how to do it. The terms used intimidated us and sounded painful. 'Spanking the Monkey, Jerking Off, Tugging One Out, Choking the Chicken' all sounded pretty extreme just for the pleasure it was supposed to give you. I remeber us both dropping our pants and slapping and squeezing our hard dicks to see what would happen with no results. We figured it would feel better in time as we matured.

One night (one I remember well) as my brother and I were in our beds, he said he needed to talk to me about something. He blatantly said he didn't want to hide his masturbating from me anymore. He was sick of doing it in the bathroom or waiting for me to fall asleep. And he figured I was in the same situation and there was no reason we should hide it from each other.

I was a bit stunned my brother even did it after my trial with Matt and asked if the pain was worth it. He was confused and didn't understand so I explained and he laughed at my ignorance, suprised I hadn't done it yet. He assured me it didn't hurt at all and was the best feeling ever and that he'd show me how. He went to the bathroom and brought back a bottle of baby oil. Pulling off his briefs he told me to do the same and lay on the bed next to him.

He wasn't all the way hard, probably half way. It was bigger than mine and he had a nice bush of curly hair compared to my sparse crop. I was soft, probably because of my anxiety. I complied and he turned on our bedside lamp and he wasted no time in squirting some oil on himself and myself. I vividly remember it running over my scrotum and down in between my legs and I could feel it on my anus, a bit cold.

When he'd said he'd show me, that's what I thought. That I'd get a demonstration. But he told me to think of a girl I liked, what she might look like naked, and reached over and started to massage my soft dick. It soon grew hard and he was hard completely now too, using his other hand to massage himself.

As he rubbed the oil over my penis and scrotum he said he'd found out that slower is better and that while you didn't need the oil it felt way better. He would alternate between fondling my nuts and stroking my small shaft and swirling his hand around the glans.

I was in heaven! Soooo much better than I ever imagined! Dave made a fist and told me 'This is it, this is how you do it.' as he stroked up and down rhythmically, twisting a bit over my glans as he changed direction. I reached down to touch myself involuntarily and he pushed my hand away, saying my first time should be as good as his and let him do it.

I'd never felt so turned on in my life and for the first time I really looked at my brothers penis. He'd stopped stroking himself and it was pointed up to his stomach, twitching with his heartbeat. I wanted to reach out and do to him what he was doing to me but was too caught up in the new feelings I was having.

My breathing increased as the sensations increased and my body involuntarily, but instinctively, thrust into his moving fist. I was marveled at how I had no control. I felt my nuts pull up and felt something was about to happen as my brother sped up his stroking. Not the 'I'm gonna pee' sensation I've read here often but something I can't even put into words.

My orgasm hit. I'm sure I moaned loudly. I could feel as the first spasm hit and I'd swear I heard my first shot leave my penis and land on my chest. My legs shot out straight and my toes clenched. I felt the other three or four shots land on my torso. And then I was soooo relaxed.

Dave let me go and waited a minute while I came down from the natural high and asked 'Was that the best or what?' All I could say was 'WOW!'.

Dave had started stroking himself after I had my orgasm, eyes closed with his other arm over his head and his eyes closed. I took over and liked the feel of his hard dick. I mimicked his motions that he had done to me and I watched as he came, another new experience. My eyes were closed when I came. I remember feeling the cum flowing through his shaft as I masturbated him. He had a look of bliss on his face as he pushed my hand away when he got sensitive.

After he relaxed he grabbed his briefs and wiped us off and threw them on our pile of dirty clothes. I was now a bit scared and asked 'Won't Mom notice this?' and he said she'd never mentioned anything so not to worry. I also asked how he learned this amazing thing and he told me John, Matts older brother, had taught him and that he and him had talked and that John had probably had the same discussion with Matt that night, if he didn't chicken out.

The next morning on the way to school on the bus I asked Matt in a whisper if he learned anything new the previous night. He blushed and grinned.

My brother and I would masturbate openly almost every night. It made us closer than we already were. The only times I lended a helping hand was when he broke both of his elbows and couldn't do it to himself. There was nothing sexual about it, just helping my brother.



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