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Full Service Hair Cut

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I just returned from my first business trip to The Big Apple and,though the meeting schedule was pretty tight, there was time to enjoy "the city that never sleeps." I picked up a free newspaper called "The Village Voice." I was shocked by the volume of ads for sex services at the end of the paper. While I'm not that adventurous, there had to be 10 pages of nearly naked women and phone numbers; since I was missing my girlfriend back home, I knew I'd be using those photos and descriptions of the services offered during a good jerk-off session when I got back to the hotel.

Flipping through the newspaper, I saw an ad for a day spa that listed body clipping as a service. I don't like to think of myself as naive, but I hadn't even thought that there were people out there who get rid of unwanted hair. I decided to call to see if I could get the 2 small patches of hair on my back trimmed since my girlfriend hates them; I'm not crazy to have a hairy back either, but since I'm not a contortionist, I've never been able to trim them well. I called the shop and was told by the woman who answered that I would need to see "Bill" who had a cancellation and could see me in a 1/2 hour. I didn't have time to go back to the hotel to change so I showed up in my suit and the downtown spa. There were many women and men in the waiting area and in the barber chairs and getting manicures; the receptionist called Bill who escorted me down a long hallway lined with rooms containing massage tables; soft music was playing to add to the ambience. We entered a room near the end where he asked me to remove my clothes and lie on the table until he returned. I didn't think I'd have to be totally naked to get my back shaved but it made sense especially since I was wearing my good suit and needed it for tomorrow's meetings.

Bill returned to the room and asked how I was doing and what I was having done; I said that my back needed to be trimmed. He asked if I was sure that was all I wanted; I naively asked what else he trimmed; he told me he trimmed EVERYTHING, especially for body builders who oil up for competition and for some actors who do nude scenes. I was shocked and curious. He said if I was open, he would just even out any patchy areas.

He started with my back, then my butt; the vibration of the clipper tingled and I jumped. He told me to relax and that I needed to get up on all fours so he could have a better angle. It reminded me of getting a rectal exam at the doctor! Of course, in that position, my cock and balls hung low between my legs and my butt cheeks were being stretched apart. He buzzed inside my ass crack which made my eyes open wide; I was nervous yet enjoying the vibrations; he used his hand to open my ass further and clipped my butt hole; I was getting dizzy with nerves and excitement. My cock was leaking precum when he reached between my legs to lift my genitals out of the way while he trimmed my inner thighs.

Bill asked me to turn around and lie back down; he trimmed my chest hair and, again, the vibrating razor on my nipples sent shivers through me which caused me to begin getting a hardon. He pushed down on my cock and trimmed my pubic bush, then lifted my cock to clip my balls. I told him I was thinking of horrible things so I wouldn't pop a boner in his hands; he said it would be easier if I was hard; I joked that I didn't get hard on command, but before I could even conjure up some sexy image for motivation, Bill began tugging on my cock which, to my surprise, was getting hard. NO guy had EVER touched me there! I leaned up on my elbows to watch. I didn't think I'd be enjoying it so much. Once may cock was hard, he held it firm and clipped it's length and my balls. My head thumped back on the table when he was done, my cock still throbbing. He laughed at my reactions; I guess this was routine for some people.

Bill looked down and admired his handy work. He told me that being hairless would give me some new sensations and reminded me to keep the skin lubricated to avoid irritation. He told me to roll on my stomach as he poured lotion into his hands and then rubbed it deep into my newly shaved butt. It felt good. Then he said to roll over and I realized what was coming. I tensed as he rubbed his hands across my chest and abdomen, circling down to my cock. When he encircled my cock with his lubed up hand, it was like electric waves flowing through my body. I was so turned on. My hips instinctively starting bucking to hump his hand. Unfortunately, Bill stopped, reminding me that he'd lose his license if he did that, but I could finish myself off. I presumed he meant when he left the room, but he stayed and massaged my chest and nipples. I grabbed my shaft and starting stroking. I was so rock hard. He said my girlfriend was a lucky woman to which I blushed. Then, thinking of her warm, wet mouth around my shaft, I came in what seemed like buckets all over my stomach, chest and hands.

Bill gave me a towel to clean up and said he hoped I'd come again - to which we both laughed out loud.



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