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From Innocent To Bad Girls in One Night

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What a night!!


This all started about four years ago when I was 11 and my friend Savannah was 12. I was sleeping over at her house. Her dad had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs her mom didn't live with them, so we were all alone. Although it was pretty late, we both agreed that we weren't tired. We decided to go up to her room and just talk for a while. Savannah and I stripped down to our night clothes (a t-shirt and panties) and proceeded to sit on her bed and chat. After a while, I got the idea to play strip poker because we were bored. Neither of us really knew how to play poker, so we kind of made up our own version. I was the first to lose, and I (of course) elected to remove my top. Next was Savannah, and she also removed her top. I think we were both a little uncomfortable being half naked in front of each other because neither of us had really seen another girl before, but things really got awkward when Savannah lost for her second time in a row. The only article of clothing she had left on were here flowery pink panties. She was obviously very shy about removing them. In the end, I persuaded her to do it, but only if I did it at the exact same time. So we got ready, counted to three, then removed our panties and stared.

The most surprising thing to me was that Savannah's pussy had hair! Looking back on it, I realize that she also had bigger boobs then me, which was attributed to the fact that she was a year older and more developed. Never the less, I couldn't pull my eyes away from her mound! The sight of her naked gave me a really funny feeling inside. I was pretty curious at this point too because I had never had the opportunity to see a vagina up close as mine was rather inaccessible to me. After a while, I broke the silence by asking timidly, 'Can I touch it?' Silence. Then a quiet, 'Okay.' She lay back on her bed with her legs spread and her knees up in the air so I could see, and I moved in close to her. I started by just dragging my fingers around her vagina and exploring her hairy spot, which was directly above it. I found this little knobby thing (I later learned that this was her clitoris) and messed with that for a little while. Then I got bold. I decided to try sticking some fingers inside of her. I tried one, then two. I was instantly entranced by the warm, wet feeling of another girl's insides. I went back to Savannah's knob with one hand while my other hand felt around inside of her. Up until now we had both been silent, but suddenly Savannah let out a small moan, 'Ahh..' I quickly drew back, afraid that I'd hurt her. 'What happened, are you all right?' I asked. She sat up, and I noticed that her face had become flushed, and her skin looked clammy. 'I'm fine,' she said. 'Keep going.' I was a little surprised by this, but I had been enjoying myself as well, so she laid back down and I continued to play with her. 'Ooh...' she moaned again. Her pussy started to get quite damp. This didn't really bother me, because it made my rubbing and feeling easier. 'Mhhhh!' Her involuntary sounds were becoming louder and more frequent. They stirred something in me. My privates had become all tingly, and my nipples were hard. I didn't really understand it at the time, but I was becoming turned on. Apparently, so was Savannah. 'Ooohh..ahh..mmmm....faster' she whimpered. I got the feeling that I should stop, but I couldn't. The scene was just too intense to back out now. I increased my speed. By this time, things were getting really messy. Savannah's pussy was leaking fluids all over her bed. She didn't seem to care, she just kept moaning and began kind of thrusting herself to the rhythm of my fingers. I sensed that she wanted me to rub her even faster, so I did. This put her over the edge into what I later foud out was her first orgasm. 'Ohhh...uhhhh..my...god.....mmmm....that...ooh..feels..ahhhh...so....mhh....fricking....GOOD! DONT STOP!! OHHHH!!!!' She screamed. I felt her vaginal walls contract around my fingers, and she closed her eyes tightly, threw her head back, and gripped the sheets in pleasure. It's a good thing her dad was a heavy sleeper, or he would have heard for sure! When she had stopped shaking, I asked her what happened.

'I have no idea,' she answered, still panting, 'but that was definitely the best feeling that I've ever felt in my life!' 'Can I try?' I asked. She said okay, so we switched places and she mimicked what I had done to her. The tingly feeling in my crotch got so intense, I loved it! 'Mmmmmm....' I murmured. Savannah smiled and increased her speed. Since I had already been pretty turned on by Savannah's experience, it wasn't long before I was feeling pretty wet in my pussy just as she had been. I tried the humping and thrusting technique that she had used, and it increased the feeling even more. 'Faster! Uhhh! Faster!' I begged as my orgasm began. 'Ahh..uhh...ahhhhhh....AHHH...AHHHHHH!!!' An explosion of pleasure radiated out of my pussy and shook my entire body. She was totally right, best feeling ever! When it was over, Savannah and I unexpectedly shared a long, wet kiss. Neither of us were sure why, but it just felt like the right thing to do. At this point, we decided to go to bed. I awoke later that night to the sound of more moaning next to me. Savannah was masturbating herself this time! I leaned over and kissed her again, and I felt the familiar feeling of her fingers inside of me. Unfortunately, from that point on the story gets too intimate for this site, but I hope you enjoyed what I have written!



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