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Electronic Fun

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We have learned what gives my wife endless hours of fun.


My wife is extremely sexual, and has become highly orgasmic since entering her 40s. Once 'warmed up' she can cum as many times as she wants, often for hours on end. What this means for me is that she is willing to try nearly ANYTHING to get [and stay] turned-on. Our sex life is very exciting, and very varied. While I don't cum as much as her [obviously], I love to stay excited helping and watching her cum and I tend to orgasm three to four times during each love-making session. I'll take what I can get but, boy-oh-boy, women sure have the advantage in this area!

Last year I had some severe muscle aches due to over-exertion and my chiropractor used an electronic pulse massager to loosen and tone my lower back muscles. It was quite a treatment that sends electronic impulses through your muscles from several stuck-on pads [much like those used for an EKG]. Recently I saw a similar device for sale for about $40 in a catalog, and it made me think that it just might add to my wife's sexual enjoyment somehow. I bought it and gave it to her for a gift, and she wanted to try it out ASAP. After some experimentation [as to placement of the four electronic pads] we have found what gives her probably the ultimate orgasmic pleasure she's ever had!

A typical scenario goes like this: I will 'warm her up' with lots of manual foreplay and a couple of orgasms with my hands before I tie her helplessly to the bed frame with old neckties. The main reason for the restraint is so she cannot resist, control, or stop the inevitable pleasure that will soon overwhelm her! I give her another orgasm or two as I apply the four electronic pads to her skin surrounding her pussy [two at the top about an inch or two on either side of her clit, and one on each thigh about two inches from her vagina]...then I turn on the control to setting number one [lowest of four] while I kiss and fondle her face & breasts.

This activity drives her crazy with a series of mild 'orgasmic impulses' that serve to keep her on edge, but certainly NOT satisfied. After perhaps 20-30 minutes of this I'll turn the control to two and she'll start to cum in an endless cycle of orgasms that are mid-strength [meaning: she's still able to talk and respond to my fondling, and enjoys my being there]. All this time I'm masturbating myself over her writhing body and often cumming on her boobs, which drives her crazy to watch and feel.

The real fun is now about to begin! I simply tell her 'it's time...' and she gets quite excited at the prospect of what is about to begin. It is so much fun to see her lustful anticipation!!!

Now when I turn the control to the highest settings of three and four her body responds to a serious of CONSTANT orgasms that are powerful and full-bodied. She no longer seems to sense my presence and simply writhes, and moans, and screams endlessly. Sometimes I'll stay next to her and simply enjoy her pleasure vicariously. I love to study her body as it pulsates, jerks, sweats, and shakes! I often nearly cum from the excitement of seeing her enjoying this ultimate orgasm! Often I'll leave the room entirely and listen to her cummimg...cumming...cumming. I do this so she knows NOTHING can be done by her or me to stop her overwhelming pleasure. It drives us both wild!

I will 'edge' and listen for maybe half an hour or so from somewhere else in the house until I return to turn the control down gradually while kissing and fondling her for the next five or ten minutes. After I shut the electronic pulse massager off she will slowly regain some sort of consciousness as she shudders and shakes through a series of aftershocks for quite a while. After I untie the necktie restraints, and remove the electronic pads she is all over me with thanks as she grabs my penis and jerks me off on her boobs again! I'll give her a couple more 'fingered orgasms' which get me ready for at least one more cum myself before we drift-off to wonderful blissful sleep in each others' arms.

At least once a month I 'torture' my wonderful wife this way! It is so much FUN!



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