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Adult Cinema Revisited

Posted by: Age: 70 Posted on: 1 comments
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A second visit to to a porn cinema


I was back in the North of England last week and felt a strong urge to revisit the porn cinema I found a few months ago. Last time I just watched and wanked, this time I was determined to get my hands on some stiff cock. Going in and paying my £10 I found the place tidied up a bit, the guy behind the counter told me he'd just taken over and was making improvements. I wandered around, not many in the main rooms, just a couple of guys who stopped whatever they were doing when I came in. No fun here.

Then I noticed a light over some stairs leading down. That hadn't been there before so I went down and found another room where gay porn was being shown. There were several couches and on one a guy was lying back, jeans and pants round his ankles masturbating in time with the thrusts on the screen. Four or five men were gathered round watching him and fiddling at their crutches. This was more like it! I took a seat behind the action, unzipped and started to wank my stiffening cock, alternating between watching the action on screen where a stud was fucking a blond lad and the action on the couch in front of me. Pretty soon someone sat down next to me and began to stroke the bulge in his jeans. Go for it, I thought and reaching across, undid his belt and zip and pulled out his cock. It was limp and floppy, I tried hard, stroking, tugging and squeezing but nothing happened and suddenly he stood up, zipped up and left.

However a guy who had been watching and wanking very fast replaced him beside me and I straightaway set to it. His cock was rock hard and slippery with pre cum as I slid my hand up and down his shaft. He was thrusting his hips up at me and clearly hadn't long to go. "Look at that" he whispered, staring at the screen where the stud had pulled out and was preparing to unload over the blond's arse. I speeded up and just as the stud released his load on screen my mate bucked, groaned and spurted an impressive load all over the place. Most of it went on his shirt but I got some on my sleeve and spots went on the couch. Good thing it was leather! He grinned his thanks to me and asked if I wanted to cum too, but I was hoping for more action so declined.

I wandered round again, still quiet, watched the films a bit then went back downstairs again. There was just one guy, staring at the screen and stroking himself. He made no objection when I sat next to him so I pulled my jeans and underpants down and began to wank. I felt his leg move across to touch mine, taking this as an invitation I reached across, moved his hand away and started to stroke his stiff cock. "Mmmm" he whispered "that's so good". I've never done it before but the sight of his cut head poking out of his clean white underpants tempted me to bend my head down towards his crutch; he smelled good so I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck. He groaned and leant back further, putting a hand on the back of my head and gently pushing. I got on my knees in front of him so I could do it better and wank myself at the same time. We were really going well when his phone rang. I thought he wouldn't answer, but he did so I stopped for a moment. It was his wife and he was making up some story about where he was, all the while watching me as I knelt before him still wanking away. The Devil got into me and, as he talked I took him in my mouth again and started to suck and stroke him as fast as I could. He was bucking and losing control, in a few seconds I pulled him out just before he came in long spurts. His wife obviously was asking what was going on and he said "OK, I'm in the Empire and a guy's just sucked me off" I could hear her laughing, then he told her I was standing in  front of him and he described how I was wanking myself off over him. He put the phone on speaker so I could hear her encouragement as I noisily shot my load into his face.

Such fun, the Empire!



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